Nursery management blame Ofsted rating on 'administration error'

Nursery management blame Ofsted rating on 'administration error'

Paul Miles

Nursery management blame Ofsted rating on 'administration error'

Management staff in charge of Positive Steps Day Nursery have blamed an administrative error for an Ofsted report which graded the site has 'inadequate'

The nursery in Cookham Road was visited by Ofsted on July 2 where it found some staff had not had completed appropriate background checks, potentially putting children's welfare at stake.

It also discovered the Cookham Road nursery had not alerted Ofsted to recent management changes.

The report, published on Tuesday, read: "The nursery has failed in its duty to obtain appropriate background checks for some staff, which puts children at risk of harm."

The nursery is one of seven run by Positive Steps Day Nurseries which has two sites in Maidenhead.

It is run in St Joseph's Church and cares for more than 100 youngsters.

The report added that parents were also dissatisfied with a recent high turnover of staff and management which had not been communicated to Ofsted as legally required.

On its last Ofsted inspection in January, the nursery was awarded a 'Good' rating.

Operations director of Positive Steps, Michelle Richardson, said: "All staff who work in nurseries require verification from the Disclosure Barring Service (DBS).

"Unfortunately, a staff member had not been listed on this process and as a result, the only outcome available to the inspector was the rating of 'inadequate'."

She added that all staff now have the required DBS verification and Ofsted had been fully informed of the current management in charge.

The report did praise the nursery's staff for its positive interaction with children and for keeping parents regularly informed of their child's progress. 

The rating now means the nursery will be visited by inspectors again in the coming months with Michelle adding she was confident it could regain its 'good' rating.

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