Herculean effort by swimming quartet to cross the English Channel

Herculean effort by swimming quartet to cross the English Channel

Philip Dewey

Herculean effort by swimming quartet to cross the English Channel
Hannah Bennett, Rachel Langton, Victoria Moore and Gwendalyn Selo at the Cap – Gris Nez after completing their swim of the English Channel.

Swimming club members made a Herculean effort to cross the English Channel by taking it in shifts to cross the 21-mile stretch.

Slough and Eton Dolphins SC swimmers Gwendalyn Selo, 32, Victoria Moore, 30, and Hannah Bennett, 22, and Maidenhead Masters SC swimmer Rachel Langton, 43, took part in the swim from Shakespeare Beach, Dover, to Cap Gris Nez Tuesday night.

Named the Sans Wimpsuit Quartet, the four friends trained for two years in preparation for the challenge, and were met by Rachel’s father who raced to France with a British flag.

Rachel, of Barley Mead, Maidenhead, said: “It was the most incredible thing I have done in my life, it was tiring, emotional, happy, and extremely hard.

"We have been training in Dover every weekend in preparation for the relay swim, which saw one of us swim for an hour before someone-else took over.

"We just kept going until we got to the other side and took between 12 hours 20 minutes to complete and we all found it extremely hard, mentally and physically.

The swim happened a matter of days after Susan Taylor died while trying to swim the English Channel when collapsed in the water after suffering from difficulties.

Rachel said: "It was shocking to hear a few days before the swim, especially as she was only within a mile of the French coastline, but we just tried to put that out of our heads and concentrate on swimming."

The group have surpassed their target of reaching £3,000 after receiving £3,181 in donations from friends and family as well as offline donation bringing the grand total to £4,500.

Proceeds will go towards the Sebastian's Action Trust charity.

Rachel said she would definitely do the swim again.

"We're already talking about our next challenge, a few of us would like to do it solo and as a team we’re thinking about a two-way Channel swim."

Visit www.justgiving.com/Sans-Wimpsuit-Quartet to make a donation.

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