Aspiring student vet to head on African adventure

Aspiring student vet to head on African adventure

Paul Miles

Aspiring student vet to head on African adventure

An aspiring vet is gearing up for an African adventure when she sets off for a three week trip to Ghana on Tuesday.

Cox Green School pupil, Madelaine Gosby, will be travelling to Kumasi in the south of the country where she will be working in a veterinary clinic.

The 17-year-old, who is head girl at her school in Highfield Lane in Maidenhead, will also be involved with working in rural regions vaccinating livestock and domestic animals against rabies.

"I am a little bit nervous but mostly excited," said Madelaine.

"I love working with animals and find it very rewarding."

The trip has been arranged by Projects Abroad which organises a variety of volunteering opportunities across the world.

During her trip, the year 12 pupil will be staying with a host family and getting to grips with a new culture.

"I think the experience will be great," added Madelaine who specifically chose the African country as her preferred destination.

"Ghana offered a vast amount of practical experience working with animals that I would not otherwise get the opportunity to work with in a completely new environment.

"I definitely wanted to go somewhere where I could support somewhere in need."

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