Your views: Do you think MPs should get a pay rise?

Your views: Do you think MPs should get a pay rise?

Lucy Golding

Your views: Do you think MPs should get a pay rise?

Proposals to increase MPs’ salaries by nine per cent - taking the annual figure to about £74,000 - has been opposed by Maidenhead MP Theresa May.

"The cost of politics should be going down not up, and I do not think that MPs’ pay should be increased whilst public sector pay is being constrained," she said.

The pay rise recommendation has come from the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

Advertiser reporter Lucy Golding asked shoppers in Maidenhead if they agree with the proposal.


Mark Newcombe, 53, Gardner Road

"I think that they do a serious job and their pay is low compared to other professional occupations.

"It is a super important job and you want to attract people that do it better.

"We have too many life time politicians that don't have any experience of the real world in order to get a better outlook."

Ed Walsh, 33, London

"I don't mind, I don't think that they get paid that much.

"These are the people running our country so it should be an aspirational job."



Sharon Doyle, 53, Fane Way

"I think it is absolutely disgraceful because there's us all struggling and they just sit at their desks and dictate and they don't do what we do.

"Theresa May sticks up for the locals and she had worked her way up, I do admire her and she is still looking out for us.

"Pay rises are not enough to change the rate of unemployment."

Julie Adlard, 49, Alwyn Road

"I don't think that they should, the reason being because of the current economic climate and because everyone in the private sector has had their pay frozen.

"For some of them it isn't their main job but it depends on the MP and how many hours they work."


Tim Norton, 51, Grenfell Road

"The reason the expenses scandal happened is because they didn't want to put the money up so they compensated for it through their expenses."




Dave Lawton, 55, Oldfield Road

"I think it is valid when you consider that they really don't earn very much. It is a responsible job. Either they should earn more or they shouldn't be paid at all."




Gill Emmett, 55, Hambledon

"I don't think they should get a pay rise. Everybody is feeling the pinch and they set an example because I think they get a decent salary and have other sources of income as well."

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