Maidenhead and Slough voted for in top 100 'crap' towns

Maidenhead and Slough voted for in top 100 'crap' towns

Lucy Golding

Maidenhead and Slough voted for in top 100 'crap' towns

A list of the UK's 100 worst places to live in Britain has been revealed and includes both Maidenhead and Slough.

The East Berkshire destinations have been voted for be members of the public and appear in the list along with towns including Croydon, Plymouth and Hull.

The list of 100 towns, which is in no particular order, is due to be whittled down to 50 top entries which will then appear in the book 'Crap Town Returns - Back By Unpopular Demand.'

The book is a follow up to Crap Towns, released in 2003, which caused a wave of controversy across the UK.

Towns that people believe deserve to be featured in the final 50 will be deciphered through a social media campaign which will run until Sunday, September 1.

Via Twitter, residents of Maidenhead and Slough can put forward their argument as to whether these locations deserve to feature in the list under the hash tags #CrapTown and #NotaCrapTown.

People are also being encouraged to produce and upload their own tourism videos as a way to encapsulate their case and ultimately influence the final decision.

Other towns listed in the top 100 include High Wycombe, Oxford and York.

Co-editor of the Crap Towns series Sam Jordison said: "Crap comes in many forms. Very often the kind of towns that estate agents would describe as 'desirable' are the most stultifying, the most ugly and full of the most ridiculous people as well as for having terrible, terrible pubs."

Slough was ranked the 42nd least desirable in the UK in the 2003 edition of Crap Towns which declared Hull as number one.

Maidenhead escaped the final cut.

The book is due to be published in October.

Visit for information.

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