Oldfield Primary School campaigners call for council rethink

Oldfield Primary School campaigners call for council rethink

Paul Miles

Oldfield Primary School campaigners call for council rethink

Campaigners against plans to relocate Oldfield Primary School to a new site in Bray Road have repeated their call for Royal Borough councillors to think again.

A decision on whether to approve plans to move the school from Chiltern Road is expected to be made by members of the Maidenhead development control panel this month.

The new site was chosen as the preferred option out of three alternatives and will cater for 420 children.

But members of Bray Action Group (BRAG) have concerns about the move and believe the situation has now changed since the decision was made to choose the new site.

BRAG spokesman John Kiddell said: “BRAG is not opposed in any way to the school’s expansion, indeed we welcome it. Oldfield Primary School is outstanding but we believe that its relocation should not be rushed.

"The council's own consultation was concluded before the new Winbury School was proposed and prior to the Government's change in greenbelt policy.

"Both of these are critical to the future of the new school and make relocating Oldfield Primary to the alternative sites far more appealing than the Bray Road alternative

“We call on the council’s development plan panel to recognise this and also to understand that other sites are less of a flood risk than Bray Road, something critical in all planning applications.

"Councillors should refuse the application."

Last month BRAG members staged a protest outside the school to highlight their concerns about the impact on traffic the new school would have.

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