Maidenhead Moor travellers leave after police enforcement notice

Maidenhead Moor travellers leave after police enforcement notice

Lucy Golding

Maidenhead Moor travellers leave after police enforcement notice

The travellers who have been camping on Maidenhead Town Moor for six days have gone leaving behind piles of horse manure and litter.

The group vacated the land, situated behind Maidenhead Police Station and alongside Blackamoor Lane, sometime before 9am this morning.

It followed a section 61 order enforced by Thames Valley Police yesterday afternoon, requiring that the group to leave within 24 hours.

The travellers arrived on Thursday, bringing with them about 20 caravans, two horses and a cockerel.

They had already been moved on from Upton Park in Slough.

A court hearing, due to be held on tomorrow morning at Reading Magistrates' Court, was secured by the council yesterday but will no longer go ahead.

A clear-up operation has now begun to discard of the debris left behind, including horse manure and rubbish overflowing from the moor's litter bins.

This morning, five residents who live in properties backing onto the moor went out to remove of some the waste.

Rosemary Abbott, who lives in Moorfield Terrace has asked the council to assist with clear-up.

She said: "There is a duvet left behind covering rubbish which is festering with flies."

The 77-year-old claims the travellers have also cut back some of the shrubbery surrounding the moor.

She added: "There seems to be one law for them and a more stringent law for us - it just seems so unfair."

Work can now begin on a new cycleway, which was planned to start on Monday but could not go ahead due to the land's unathorised occupation.

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