Improved police body cameras due to be rolled out

Improved police body cameras due to be rolled out

Lucy Golding

Improved police body cameras due to be rolled out

Police officers across the area are due to receive new cameras which can be worn on their uniforms.

Following a successful trial testing period in Slough, the new Body Worn Video (BWV) cameras are due to be used by police officers starting next week.

The new kit is smaller, lighter and simpler than the equipment currently used and will free up officers time due to its faster downloading properties.

The equipment will also allow DVDs to be burned in 'real-time'.

Body Worn Video (BWV) camera footage acts as a powerful evidential tool to be used at magistrates and crown courts and increases the success rate of bringing offenders to justice.

The equipment is commonly used in situations such as when officers are policing at night and as a way to deal with incidents of anti-social behaviour.

It also helps to deal more effectively with complaints made against police officers such as during the policing of football matches.

Chief Inspector Gavin Wong, who led the BWV project board, said: “Up-to-date cameras will allow further opportunities to capture early evidence and to share evidence with key decision makers within the criminal justice chain at the very earliest opportunity."

The project board has conducted comprehensive research into the new cameras with discussions including its evidential benefits and potential video downloading issues.

The cameras will primarily be used by response and neighbourhood policing officers.

Local Policing Area Commanders are due to decide which areas will benefit the most from the cameras including
Maidenhead, Slough, Windsor, Twyford and Burnham.

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