More licences blamed for Ludlow Road taxi driver dispute

More licences blamed for Ludlow Road taxi driver dispute

James Preston

More licences blamed for Ludlow Road taxi driver dispute
Taxis on Ludlow Road

Tensions between taxi drivers and householders on a quiet residential street are threatening to reach boiling point - and drivers say the problem will only get worse.

Residents in Ludlow Road in Maidenhead are becoming increasingly fed up with the number of drivers who block the road at peak times as they wait to pick up commuters from Maidenhead Station, but cabbies say the growing number of taxis being issued with licences by the Royal Borough is leaving them with little choice but to wait at the oversubscribed rank.

Mohammad Yasin, who represents the Royal Borough Taxi Association, said: "They are ruining our livelihoods. I feel sorry for all the residents. We are not here by choice. We are here because we have nowhere to go."

One dispute over blocked access led to the police being called on Thursday, and while residents expressed some sympathy, the issue is still seen as a nuisance.

"It's a bit of a pain. We have sometimes counted 25 taxis on the road," said Harriet Ash, 24.

"I can totally see there's a lot of problems for them, but it's a bit unfair that it's on our road."

Cllr Carwyn Cox, cabinet member for environmental services, said: "We are looking at the Ludlow Road situation very closely and are negotiating to provide off-road parking spaces for the drivers. If this doesn't work and the drivers are still causing problems, we may look at moving them elsewhere."

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