'Long swim' to go ahead despite sewage concerns

'Long swim' to go ahead despite sewage concerns

Paul Miles

'Long swim' to go ahead despite sewage concerns

Determined organisers of this year's Boulters to Bray swim say they have no plans to call off the event following a series of 'accidental' leakages of raw sewage into the River Thames.

More than 140 enthusiastic swimmers have signed up take part in the event so far which will take place on July 6.

On Tuesday, May 21, committee members who organise the event held a meeting to voice their concerns about the recent sewage spillages.

"We are not concerned about it because the swim is so far away and we have not seen any effects of it on our stretch of the river," said co-organiser Keith Dixon.

"Obviously we are aware of it and keeping our eyes open if anything else happens."

The leaks have been caused by technical problems at Little Marlow Sewage Treatment Works and have seen excrement flow along the river as far as Bourne End.

Keith said the organising committee had decided to call the meeting as it monitors anything which could threaten the event from going ahead.

The 1.7 mile swim, sees swimmers of all ages jump into the water at 6am at Boulters Lock and battle their way through freezing waters to reach The Waterside Inn at Bray.

Formerly know as the 'Long Swim' it dates back to the 1800s and was staged for the first time last year after a 40 year absence.

A statement from Thames Water said the River Thames was not a designated bathing water but expected river conditions to be normal in time for the swim.

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