Campaigning mum wins fight to fill 'dangerous' park holes

Campaigning mum wins fight to fill 'dangerous' park holes

Lucy Golding

Campaigning mum wins fight to fill 'dangerous' park holes
Sophie's daughther Laura with her Springer Spaniel Paddy

A campaigning mum has won her fight for the Royal Borough to fill holes left in a Maidenhead park she feared could have left a child or dog with a broken leg.

Sophie Franks says she has repeatedly urged the council to take action when it removed the goalposts from Desborough park at the end of the last three football seasons.

The 35-year-old from Fane Way, who has just completed her teaching qualification at the University of Reading, insists the eight holes sit hidden in the grass and pose a genuine safety threat to park users.

Sophie, who has lived in Larchfield since 1997, complained six times in 2012 but her frustration grew after no action was taken.

The holes reappeared two weeks ago after the borough removed the goalposts for the summer.

Sophie says her daughters, eight-year-old Maisie and 11-year-old Laura, who attend Wessex Primary School in Cox Green, love to play in the park.

Worried about their safety, she contacted the council yet again but still nothing was done.

"All the council do is stuff a bin bag down there which just isn't enough to fill them in," said their mum, who is married to Paul and set to teach biology at Slough Grammar School.

"I can't imagine they would have the insurance if a problem did arise."

When contacted by the Advertiser on Tuesday a council spokeswoman responded by saying its contractor ISS would be covering up the holes on Wednesday.

The council said it 'does carry insurance for eventualities such as a child being injured in a park'.

A spokeswoman added: "The borough is very grateful to the resident who brought this to our attention."

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