20mph zone planned outside Claires Court School

20mph zone planned outside Claires Court School

James Preston

20mph zone planned outside Claires Court School

Plans to lower speed limits to 20mph near a busy school in Ray Mill Road East in Maidenhead have been welcomed.

The Royal Borough intends to lower the limit from 30mph between the road's junctions with Lower Cookham Road and Sheephouse Road - a stretch which includes the senior boys' campus of Claires Court School.

It follows a public consultation with residents which was met with overwhelming support, with 63 out of 75 respondents backing the plans.

The 20mph zone would also extend to the entire length of adjoining roads the Pagoda, Clappers Meadow, Boulters Court, Boulters Lane, Boulters Close, Ray Mead Court, Horton Close and Boulters Gardens.

As part of the plan, the 'keep clear' zig-zag markings outside the school will be extended following complaints about problems created by parents dropping off and picking up children, while a bus clearway box opposite the school would be introduced.

James Wilding, academic principal at Claires Court School, said he was pleased to see the proposals move ahead.

"It is a sensible decision for the safety of the children, pedestrians and all road users in the area," he said.

"The school supports these traffic calming measures, which come about as a result of consultation and conversations within the community involving the school, local residents and the community police."

Introducing more 20mph limits around schools is a priority for the Royal Borough's highways and transport team, and the council's annual highways work plan for 2013/2014 indicated the borough's intention to introduce the zones in more locations over the coming year.

Residents have until Thursday, June 13 to write to the Royal Borough about any objections they may have to the Ray Mill Road East proposals.

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