Street artist aims to 'drop' 200 paintings

Street artist aims to 'drop' 200 paintings

Paul Miles

Street artist aims to 'drop' 200 paintings


From Bad Godesberg Way in Maidenhead to Providence Place the destination doesn't matter to artist Paul Letts who is aiming to 'drop' 200 pieces of his art work wherever he can.

Starting in February, the 37-year-old who goes by the name of 'Letts', has travelled across the South-east dropping his art at locations including Madonna's house, Kew Gardens and across Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

Once dropped people who spot the art can grab it for themselves for free.

"I just wanted everyone to see my art and without trying to get into galleries," said Paul, whose family live in Maidenhead.

"I thought I would do something different and leave my art around.

"Putting paintings down that you can actually pick up and take home with you, that is the real appeal.”

Working around his job as an electrician which takes him across the South-east, Paul has now dropped more than 60 of his 'abstract' paintings.

Each of the designs are unique with the artist using a variety of materials ranging from acrylics to aftershave.

"I am very quick. It is in me and it needs to come out," said the dad-of two on his artistic temperament, who does not have his picture taken to maintain an air of mystery about the project.

Painting more than 10 pictures a week in his converted studio at his home in Flackwell Heath, he aims for his paintings to become even bigger as he nears the 200 mark.

Paul, who has no art training, uses Twitter to share his project with others and alerts his followers about his drops.

Follow @streetartdrop to get involved.

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