School pupils appeal to burglars to return their laptops

School pupils appeal to burglars to return their laptops

Paul Miles

School pupils appeal to burglars to return their laptops



Pupils' hard work has been lost after callous thieves stole laptops from a school in Maidenhead for the second time.

Burglars broke their way into Wessex Primary School on Sunday by smashing a hole through the main hall window and then opening it using the latch.

They forced open a locked cabinet containing 30 laptops at the St Adrians Close school and fled with nine worth more than £3,000 after being disturbed by the site manager.

He was alerted to the raid after the site alarm was triggered at about 9.45pm.

Another batch of 30 laptops was taken in a similar burglary earlier in the year.

Upset children have penned an open letter to the burglars urging them to 'have a heart' and return their haul.

The open letter reads: "Dear Burglar(s)

"We are extremely angry with you. You are disrespectful and uncaring people. You have stolen our second set of laptops, interrupted our lessons and some of our work has been lost.

"Why would you even think about breaking into our school? You should be ashamed of yourself."

The laptops, which are password protected, contained children's work and educational programmes used in class.

The chargers and cases were left behind.

In a desperate appeal to get their work back pupils added in the letter: "In our school prayer we say that as many hands build a house so many hearts make a school. If you have a heart, please give them back."

Headteacher Nick Stevens said the break-in had left him feeling 'disappointed'.

"We have the used the opportunity to give the children the chance to say what they think and what they feel," he added.

The window repairs have already been carried out while the stolen laptops will be replaced and financed through the school's insurance.

Police are investigating.

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