Theresa May 'disappointed' by Kings Triangle rejection

Theresa May 'disappointed' by Kings Triangle rejection

Nicola Hine

Theresa May 'disappointed' by Kings Triangle rejection

Maidenhead MP Theresa May has expressed her disappointment in the rejection of the Kings Triangle development.

The Home Secretary, who has long supported the scheme, issued a statement following the decision taken at a Maidenhead development control panel meeting last night.

"This is a disappointing decision. This site is an important one for the town centre, and the Kings Triangle project would be part of the wider rejuvenation of Maidenhead that we all want to see," she said.

"I am concerned at the message this sends to local residents and the business community, who want to see progress made in improving the town centre.

"Nevertheless, this is just one part of the work that is underway to improve the town centre. With other developments in the pipeline, and the introduction of Crossrail, we can be confident that Maidenhead will continue to attract investment, meaning more jobs and better services locally."

The panel chose to delegate refusal to council officers to allow them time to list the policy reasons for the decision.

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