Home Secretary Theresa May joins couple for special breakfast

Home Secretary Theresa May joins couple for special breakfast

Francis Batt

Home Secretary Theresa May joins couple for special breakfast

The Greengrass family from Maidenhead had a special guest for breakfast on Friday - when Home Secretary Theresa May joined them for cereal, yoghurt, fruit and toast.

Max and Jo Greengrass, both 50 and their teenage children Timothy, 16 and Alice, 14,  welcomed Mrs May to their semi-detached home in Alwyn Road.

(L-R) Cllr David Burbage, Cllr Carwyn Cox, Jo Greengrass, MP Theresa May, Max Greengrass and MP Adam Afriyie. Photo by: Peter Meade Photography

Royal Borough council leader David Burbage, cabinet member for environmental services Cllr Carwyn Cox and Windsor MP Adam Afriyie were also guests

Jo is one of the first 'volunteers' who will be working with the Royal Borough to promote the authority's recycling schemes.

She was asked by the borough to host the special breakfast to mark the extension of its food recycling programme - which will see special bins for food waste made available to flats and multi-occupancy houses for the first time.

"I'm a bit nervous. This is not something I do every morning" admitted Jo, who has lived in the town for 30 years, as she prepared the breakfast for her illustrious guests.

Maidenhead MP Mrs May was first to arrive.

She brushed aside apologies for the earliness of the hour from council officers manning a specially set up recycling stall in the front garden, saying: "I would be in the gym anyway."

She is no stranger to breakfast though, admitting: "I might usually have porridge and some fruit."

After saying goodbye to the family she said: "It was nice to have a chat with them. We all agreed it is amazing how much food gets put in the bin, so recycling it like this really makes sense."

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead is the first authority in the country to reward people who recycle food - offering points that can lead to prizes and special offers.

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