Point system for food waste recycling launched

Point system for food waste recycling launched

Paul Miles

Point system for food waste recycling launched

A rewards scheme for people who recycle their food waste has been launched by the Royal Borough.

The green initiative which started on Monday will see householders able to collect Recyclebank points if they make an online pledge to fill up their food waste caddies.

The points system is already in use for those who put out their general waste and recycle bins for collection.

Cllr Carwyn Cox, cabinet member for environmental services, said: "This is a great opportunity to expand the rewards scheme so that residents can reap even more benefits for their good green habits."

Under the new scheme an extra 25 points a month can be collected for recycling food waste.

The points can be used to trade in for a variety of discounts and offers at shops, businesses and leisure centres.

In order to collect the points householders need to visit their Recyclebank account online once a month and pledge to recycle their food waste.

The extension of the rewards system has been funded by a £566,000 government grant which recognises the council's commitment to maintaining weekly waste collections.

The new food waste bins were shipped out to homes across the borough in October and are designed to be used for food waste including dairy, meat and bones.

Once the caddies are collected they are taken to a new anaerobic digestion plant in Oxfordshire.

Monthly pledges can be made by going to Recyclebank.com and clicking on 'Earn points'.

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