Mum thanks fire service after boy got head stuck in potty

Mum thanks fire service after boy got head stuck in potty

Paul Miles

Mum thanks fire service after boy got head stuck in potty
Sorcha Baker and son Lewis who got his head stuck in a potty

A relieved mum has thanked firefighters who cut free her mischievous toddler after he got his head stuck in a potty.

Sorcha Baker, of Thatchers Drive in Maidenhead, was getting ready for a night out on Friday when she heard 22-month-old Lewis crying from downstairs.

"I was thinking 'oh my God, what's happened?" said the 33-year-old.

Rushing downstairs the worried mum saw Lewis had got the miniature training seat wedged upside down on his head and shoulders. After being joined by dad Steven, 41, who was in the kitchen at the time, the pair frantically tried to remove the potty. "It was not funny at all at first," added Sorcha.

"He was really stressed, I had to calm him down with chocolate buttons and baby programmes on TV."

Following a frantic 15 minutes in which the concerned parents tried to use olive oil to free the unlucky toddler the pair were left with no option but to call for help. "I have never dialled 999 in my life," added the nursery nurse at Cippenham Nursery School.

"I said 'I hope they will not put the sirens on' and then five minutes later I heard it. Lights going and sirens going, it was so embarrassing."

Firefighters took just five minutes to free Lewis using a junior hacksaw to cut through the plastic.

"I do not know how they did not laugh," said Sorcha, who has lived at her Cox Green home for two-and-a-half-years. "They were really lovely to him chatting away and joking with him. I want to say a massive big thank you to them."

Having being cut free Lewis, who was unhurt, was then treated to a tour of the fire engine. "I cannot wait for his 18th birthday or his 21st," added the mum-of-one. I will blow the picture up and embarrass him."

Crew manager from Maidenhead Fire Station, Tom Woolgar said: "It was one of our stranger calls out, but after we had removed the potty he was a happy boy again."

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