Golden Harp to be listed as 'Community Valued Asset'

Golden Harp to be listed as 'Community Valued Asset'

Nicola Hine

Golden Harp to be listed as 'Community Valued Asset'
Nearly 4,000 signatures have been collected on petitions against Tesco's plans for the Golden Harp

Campaigners fighting to save the Golden Harp from Tesco have succeeded in their bid to get the Maidenhead pub listed as a Community Valued Asset by the Royal Borough.

The building is the only pub the council has on the list, which includes buildings or land which further the social wellbeing of the community.

The decision means if the Furze Platt Road site comes up for sale again the Furze Platt Action Group (FPAG), which nominated the pub for the list, must be given time to develop a bid for it.

"It's fantastic, really good news," said FPAG chairman Mark Newcombe, who thanked residents and councillors for their 'outstanding efforts'.

Tesco owns the pub lease and wants to turn it into an Express store.

It does not need change of use planning consent but has submitted a second set of planning applications to make material changes to the building.

Five previous applications were rejected by the council at a planning meeting last month.

A Tesco spokesman said the company had re-visited the plans to enhance the store design and reduce its impact on the area's historical character.

"We hope councillors and the community support this," he added.

The pub is due to be discussed at a full council meeting on Tuesday, where petitions against Tesco's plans will be debated, including one created by the nearby Best One store.

Also due to be discussed at the meeting is the possibility of the council issuing an Article Four Direction in relation to the Harp, which would force Tesco to submit a full planning application.

FPAG is offering to provide transport for anyone wishing to attend the meeting, which starts at 7.30pm at the town hall.

Email or contact Nadeem at Best One on 01628 625040.

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