Children captivated by interactive performance Battleship Island

Children captivated by interactive performance Battleship Island

Lucy Golding

Children captivated by interactive performance Battleship Island

An interactive performance inspired by an abandoned island off the coast of Japan has been captivating children's imagination at Norden Farm in Maidenhead this half-term.

Battleship Island, devised by theatre company Brightonshed, blitzed the half-term blues as audience members were guided around various rooms and backstage pockets of the theatre, usually not seen by the public.



Set on the island of Hitomi, children and their parents were immersed in the adventure at they met the inhabitants and heard their stores along with the use of soundscapes and visual imagery.

The story which is one of community, courage and friendship looks at how life can be brought back to a location that was once abandoned.

The performance, aimed at children over eight, was first held at the theatre in Altwood Road yesterday as well as today with tickets still available for two performances this afternoon at 2pm and 4pm. 

Faith Dodkins, who produced Battleship Island with James Dunbar, explained how the company has tailored the show to different venues.

"It's one the main points of the piece to see how it will fit into different theatres."

She added: "At Norden Farm it began in the cafe and they were lead through the toilets, into the boiler room as well as the green room and the various studio spaces.".

Norden Farm's marketing manager Sally Worman said: "People are often really nervous before attending performances like this because they don't know what to expect but the reaction afterwards was fantastic."



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