Failed re-launch for solar-powered boat

Failed re-launch for solar-powered boat

Paul Miles

Failed re-launch for solar-powered boat


A fresh attempt to send an unmanned solar powered boat across the Atlantic ended in failure.

Pioneer Robin Lovelock is aiming to become the first person to complete the  Microtransat Challenge with his boat 'Snoopy Sloop'.

It involves sending his 1.3 metre long vessel, which is piloted by a GPS system, across the Atlantic to the United States.

After an unsuccessful attempt to complete the challenge in November, the retired NATO scientist returned to Bray Lake in Monkey Island Lane to carry out more testing. 

Launching at Barton-on-Sea beach in Hampshire on Saturday (Mar30) strong waves prevented Snoopy from carrying on with its quest.

Writing on his website the Sunninghill householder said: "Snoopy is confined to barracks over Easter, while he is checked out, and we find easier methods of launch from near the shore."

The challenge is expected to take about six weeks to complete.

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