'Everyone in positive place' after poor school results meeting

'Everyone in positive place' after poor school results meeting

Glenn Mitchell

Glenn Mitchell

'Everyone in positive place' after poor school results meeting

The head of education at the Royal Borough has said 'everyone seems to be in a positive place' after meetings were held to discuss poor results at three academy schools in Maidenhead.

Cllr Phill Bicknell, cabinet member for children's services, had come under fire after the council identified Desborough College, Altwood CE Secondary School and Cox Green Academy as 'schools causing concern'.

It said they will need to join the borough's support programme if improvement in academic progress has not been made.

The announcement sparked criticism from Desborough which insisted the results in question that fell below the national average - from the 2011/12 academic year - were from when the borough was in charge of them.

The tension is believed to have eased after meetings between headteachers and a senior council officer last week.

Speaking on Wednesday Cllr Bicknell said improving the results was the key issue, not who was in charge when the exams were sat, and everyone 'seems to be in a positive place' after the meetings.

"Whether the borough was in charge or not we needed to make sure that steps had been taken to make sure standards are improved," he added.

"We are pleased that these schools turned into academies so they can make quick steps to improve."

Desborough governor Dr Dan Jacoby had sent a strongly-worded letter to Cllr Bicknell before this week's meetings.

He took issue with the borough's stance and use of the results from before the school in Shoppenhangers Road opt out of borough control.

"If Cllr Bicknell is concerned these schools are failing, then clearly one could have expected him or the Royal Borough to have intervened when they were still ‘maintained’ schools," he said.

School principal Paul Frazer had also stated in his online blog that the results quoted referred to when Desborough was still run by the borough.

"There were the most disappointing in the school's history and achieved under the watch of the Royal Borough."

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