Maidenhead shivers during coldest March in 40 years

Maidenhead shivers during coldest March in 40 years

James Preston

Maidenhead shivers during coldest March in 40 years

The unseasonably biting weather looks set to continue as Maidenhead remains on course for its coldest March in more than 40 years, according to a weather expert.

Temperatures are set to rise slightly but residents will continue to feel the chill well into April as the British Isles are hit by easterly winds which have put the start of spring on hold.

So far this month, the average temperature has stood at 4.7°C and is on track to be about 3°C below the average for March, meaning 2013 could see the coldest March since 1970 or possibly even 1962.

Temperatures hit a maximum of 1.3°C on Sunday, some of the lowest figures since 1953.

Meteorologist Roger Brugge, who lives in Maidenhead, said: "Basically what's happening is the jet stream is quite far down over the Mediterranean and has been for quite a while.

"We are getting easterly winds because pressure is low in the Mediterranean and high in the north of the British Isles and Scandinavia."

Roger said about twice the normal amount of rain had fallen in March and temperatures were expected to be about two or three degrees below average for the first 10 days of April but he added it won't be quite as cold as it has been this week.

The highly unusual temperatures follow a winter which saw slightly colder temperatures and about 25 per cent more rain than average.

Roger added: "This time last March we were 20-odd degrees warmer than we are now.

"We had a very warm, sunny and lovely experience and I think to a lot of people it's made this March even more remarkable."

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