Train driver 'inadvertently' fails to stop at Maidenhead station

Train driver 'inadvertently' fails to stop at Maidenhead station

James Preston

Rail passengers travelling from London were left stunned when a train driver 'inadvertently' failed to stop at Maidenhead station yesterday.

Travellers on the 17:42 service from London Paddington to Hereford, which stops at Maidenhead, waited expectantly at the train's doorway as it approached the station but watched it fly past instead.

A call for the train manager to speak to the driver was heard over the intercom before an announcement was made that the driver had failed to stop.

The First Great Western train instead carried on to Reading, where Maidenhead passengers had to rush to get on a connecting train heading back the way they came.

People on the train soon took to Twitter to air their frustrations.

User @jbrowneuk said: "'We're sorry, the train driver inadvertently missed Maidenhead station.' Wow. Should have gone to specsavers."

Another passenger, @jidesobo, added: "Can you believe the complete incompetence? The train driver "forgot to stop" at Maidenhead."

A spokesman for First Great Western said: "Unfortunately, last Sunday the 17.42 high speed service failed to call at Maidenhead. While this is an unusual stop for a high speed service, clearly this shouldn't have happened. FGW would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused to Maidenhead passengers carried through to Reading." 

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