Patient's vow to beat cancer and marry fiancee

Patient's vow to beat cancer and marry fiancee

Daniel Darlington

Patient's vow to beat cancer and marry fiancee

Devastated parents have said their competitive son can beat testicular cancer so he can wed his fiancée in Australia - and launched a fundraising campaign for the hospital treating him.

Charlie Young, 30, who grew up in Ruscombe before moving to London after university, has been diagnosed with cancer that has spread to his stomach, chest and neck.

He was given the devastating news in October, weeks after getting engaged to his Australian girfriend Jess.

Optimistic Charlie, who works for Deloitte in London, has told his fiancee he'll fight the condition with everything he's got so he can marry her as planned in Sydney next year.

Looking ahead, the former pupil at St Piran's School in Maidenhead also wants to run in next year's London Marathon.

"He's so competitive he doesn't even like losing at snap," said his mum Kathryn, 61.

"He has just said he'll fight this with everything he's got.

"Charlie's been so stoic about it that he's stopped the rest of us feeling upset for him."

The former Maidenhead Hockey Club player was first diagnosed after discovering a lump in his neck.

Doctors at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, where he is being treated, have told him the cancer has spread but are confident chemotherapy can shrink the tumours so he can be operated on to remove them.

Charlie, who also went to Highfield School in Maidenhead, complained last year of pain in his testicle but was prescribed antibiotics and a chance of detecting the cancer early was missed.

Kathryn and her husband Allen, 64, of Southbury Lane, Ruscombe, hope to raise more than £4,000 when they and friends take part in a fundraising walk for the  Royal Marsden Hospital on March 17.

They say the hospital has provided excellent support and treatment for Charlie.

Kathryn and Allen, a partner in a Twyford solicitors until 10 years ago, say they have been overwhelmed by the support they've received from family and friends.

Charlie, who attended Wellington College in Crowthorne before going to university in Nottingham, has undergone 12 weeks of chemotherapy. However, a recent CT scan shows the tumours haven't yet shrunk as much as hoped.

"He's coping remarkably well," said Kathryn, a self-employed accountant.

"The scans are a blow because he hoped to push ahead with the operations.

"But he's being very stoic and says if he needs to have more chemotherapy he's prepared to go through that."

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