Fundraising challenge for the Hennerton Honeys

Fundraising challenge for the Hennerton Honeys

Daniel Darlington

Fundraising challenge for the Hennerton Honeys

Determined fundraisers from Hennerton Golf Club are hiking across the countryside to raise money for Oxfam this month.

The Hennerton Honeys - members of the senior ladies team at the Wargrave golf club - are preparing to walk, cycle and swim 500 miles in the month of March.

So far this year they have raised £3,500 for the charity that fights global poverty.

The group has organised three walks in the Wargrave and Henley countryside on March 1, March 8 and March 21.

They plan to top up their mileage by getting on exercise bikes and swimming lengths of the pool.

"The miles we cover on the golf course won’t count towards our target, so this challenge requires extra effort from all of us," said team captain Carolyn John, from Frances Avenue, Maidenhead, who nominated Oxfam as her captain's charity for the year. 

"We might shed a few pounds in weight, but aim to inspire people to donate some to Oxfam for projects supporting women across the world."

Luke Ounsworth, regional fundraising manager for Oxfam, said: "They may be relatively mature but that seems to be spurring them to rise to the challenge."

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