Stories of the week: February 16-22

Stories of the week: February 16-22

Stories of the week: February 16-22

The Advertiser and Express websites bring you a round-up of the week's top stories from across east Berkshire each weekend. 

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1. Child sex offender steps down from leading role in production

A convicted child sex offender given a leading role in an amateur theatre production stepped down from the cast – which includes 14 children. Reese York was due to play father-of-seven Captain Von Trapp in the Sound of Music, despite having been found guilty of committing child sex offences less than five years ago.

2. Campaign reveals proportion of children living in poverty in Slough and Royal Borough

Twenty five per cent of children in Slough are living in poverty, according to figures released by a child poverty campaign. It also revealed the child poverty rate in Maidenhead was 16 per cent, in Windsor the figure was more than 10 per cent, and in South Bucks it was 11 per cent.

3. Butchers reporting surge in sales following horse meat scandal

Delighted butchers are seeing a surge in trade from worried shoppers avoiding supermarket products in the wake of the national horse meat scandal. Customers are putting their faith in independent stores after losing trust in big-brand chains caught selling frozen meals and burgers containing traces of horse.

4. Rare breed bantams poisoned with rat bait and bleach

A shocked Hurst villager is urging people to help police catch a mystery raider who poisoned her rare breed bantam chickens with rat poison and bleach. The appalled owner, who does not want to be named, said she was sickened at the cruel act.

5. New Sainsbury's Local opens - with Antony Gormley bollards outside

Opinions were divided after bollards designed by renowned sculptor Antony Gormley were put in place outside Maidenhead's new Sainsbury's Local. The famous sculptor is known for Angel of the North in Gateshead. Commenting on the story, one reader described them as 'ugly as hell' while another deemed them 'wonderful'.

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