WATCH: School performs Baauer's Harlem Shake

WATCH: School performs Baauer's Harlem Shake

Nicola Hine

WATCH: School performs Baauer's Harlem Shake
Furze Platt Senior School's sixth form has recorded a Harlem Shake video

An internet dance craze which is amusing YouTube viewers across the world has found its way into Maidenhead schools.

Furze Platt Senior School is one of the latest to upload its own video based on the electro track Harlem Shake.

The typical format for the clips sees one person start dancing to the song, ignored by everyone around them.

But as soon as the chorus kicks in the whole crowd bursts into dance, often in costume.

The Furze Platt version (shown below) was recorded by the sixth form in the common room on Friday.

Harlem Shake is by DJ and music producer Baauer and is currently at number three in the UK singles chart.

It is believed up to 4,000 videos recreating the dance are being uploaded to YouTube every day.

Other schools which have jumped on the bandwaggon include Sir William Borlase's Grammar School in Marlow.

Watch: Furze Platt's Harlem Shake below

Has your school or organisation created a version of the Harlem Shake? Send the link to or tweet us at @maidenheadads

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