Stories of the week: February 2-8

Stories of the week: February 2-8

Stories of the week: February 2-8

The Advertiser and Express websites bring you a round-up of the week's top stories from across east Berkshire each weekend. 

Visit our websites every Saturday for the main news stories over the last seven days in Maidenhead, Slough, Windsor, Twyford and Burnham. Click on the links to read the full story.

1. VIDEO: Parents of Marc Williams appeal for 'hit-and-run' information

An emotional appeal for information was filmed by the parents of Marc Williams, who died following a suspected hit-and-run in Maidenhead. Mark Williams and Joanne Parker paid tribute to their son in the YouTube video and urged anyone with information about the tragedy to come forward.

2. Legoland pays out £35k after worker fell from roller-coaster ride

Legoland in Windsor was fined for safety breaches after a worker fell from a roller-coaster ride breaking his shoulder and several ribs. Operator Merlin Attractions Operations Ltd was fined £23,200 and ordered to pay costs of £12,115 after admitting two breaches at Reading Magistrates' Court.

3. River of sewage floods into couple's garden after blockage

A couple were left counting the costs after a river of raw sewage flooded into their back garden in Cookham Rise. Royal Borough mayor's officer Fred Simmonds and his wife, Chell, were left stunned when sewer water started to flood into their garden after Thames Water workmen had arrived on the road to fix a drain.

4. Swindling Santa Claus, 62, revealed as a benefits cheat

A fraudster who claimed thousands of pounds in benefits while hiring himself out as a Santa Claus was sentenced. Swindling Santa John Cooper, of Newton Close, Langley, claimed an estimated £15,000 in housing benefits between 2000 and 2012 but failed to tell the council he was working as a Father Christmas for two organisations throughout that period.

5. Theresa May welcomes gay marriage vote but Adam Afriyie votes 'no'

Maidenhead MP Theresa May said the House of Commons vote in support of gay marriage was an 'important step in strengthening the institution'. Meanwhile Windsor MP Adam Afriyie was forced to explain his decision to vote against the bill, claiming it was 'not truly equal'.

6. Rod Stewart impersonator caught subletting his council flat

A Rod Stewart impersonator who was caught subletting his council flat returned the property to Slough Borough Council. The tenant was being investigated by benefit fraud officers who suspected he was living abroad while subletting the flat to a friend.

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