Motorists urged to shop around as petrol prices remain high

Motorists urged to shop around as petrol prices remain high

Michael Owens

Motorists urged to shop around as petrol prices remain high
Petrol prices in Maidenhead were as high as 138.9ppl

Motorists still getting a raw deal at the pumps in Maidenhead have been urged to shop around for a better deal.

Drivers have spent years complaining that fuel prices in the town are higher than neighbouring locations.

A report by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) released last week said nationally there is no evidence that high petrol and diesel prices in the UK are caused by bad behaviour in the industry and the market is 'working well'.

The news has offered little comfort to Maidenhead drivers paying up to 7p more per litre than neighbours.

On Sunday the highest price for a litre of unleaded petrol found was 138.9p at the Murco garage in Forlease Road.

In comparison, the BP garage in Bath Road, Twyford, and the Esso garage in Little Marlow Road, Marlow, were both charging just 131.9p.

Janice Nattress of East Ridge, Bourne End, works as an editorial assistant in Maidenhead and is well aware of the price difference.

"I live in Bourne End where the petrol prices are always around 5p per litre cheaper than in Maidenhead," she said.

"I never buy in Maidenhead unless I am about to run out completely."

While the system seems unfair the firms are not breaking any rules and have always insisted prices are 'competitive locally - based on market forces'.

Paul Watters, head of public affairs for the AA, said: "It is a free market and quite competitive and healthy, which is what the Office of Fair Trading reported, though it might not appear that way to consumers."

He added the issue is the same in a number of other locations across the Thames Valley and nationally.

"It is just to do with the local retail market and meeting demand.

"The AA would advise drivers to shop around so they can make sure they pay the lowest price possible for petrol."

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