Commuter issues season ticket warning after being overcharged

Commuter issues season ticket warning after being overcharged

James Preston

Commuter issues season ticket warning after being overcharged

A commuter has warned passengers to check their season tickets after he discovered he had been overcharged by nearly £200.

Nick Brace, of Lock Lane in Cox Green, fears other passengers may have been affected after discovering he was being charged about 25 per cent more than some passengers to travel on the tube on his First Eastbound Only ticket when he renewed it for this year.

The ticket offers first class travel into London and a standard return journey and is touted by First Great Western (FGW) as offering the opportunity to 'travel into London feeling relaxed and ready for the day ahead'.

Like standard season tickets, underground travel can be added to the price, but Mr Brace found he was being charged an extra £184 a year for the service - effectively charging him a premium to travel on the tube.

The 34-year-old raised the issue at a 'meet the manager' event at London Paddington earlier this month where bosses admitted the mistake and arranged for a refund to be issued.

Mr Brace, who works as a risk manager, asked whether other affected passengers would be contacted about the error and was told they would have to get in touch with FGW if they had any queries on their ticket.

He said: "My concern is that if anyone else is entitled to this refund, they won't make any effort to track these people down.

"They know who these people are."

A spokesman for FGW described the error as a system 'anomaly' and added many other train companies charge a premium for a London travelcard when it is bought with a first class season ticket.

He said the error could potentially affect a limited number of passengers with First Eastbound Only tickets from Maidenhead and Twyford, but could not provide an exact number.



First Eastbound Only tickets were introduced in 2009 as a specific First Great Western offer aimed at passengers from Maidenhead and Twyford travelling into London.

For customers buying an additional London travelcard, the price of the First Eastbound Only first class fare is worked out by multiplying the cost of a regulated standard fare by a set figure, with the cost of underground travel added on afterwards.

First Great Western has stated that, in Nick's case, a system anomaly led to the cost of tube travel being added on before the fare was multiplied by the set figure, leading to a higher charge than for standard season ticket holders.

Anybody with any questions about their ticket should contact FGW customer services by calling 08457 000125.

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