Weekend Weather: 'It will feel as cold as -8 degrees'

Weekend Weather: 'It will feel as cold as -8 degrees'

Justin Burns

Weekend Weather: 'It will feel as cold as -8 degrees'

The big freeze is set to continue throughout the day and weekend across Berkshire, the Met Office has said.

Weather forecasters say the snow deluge will carry on with the maximum temperature zero, but as low as -1 or -2, which will feel much colder due to the strong winds.

The Met Office say across the area at 6pm, tempearatures will be -1 or -2, but will feel as cold as -8 and by 9pm it will be -1, but feel as low as -7 or -8.

Tonight, some of the snow initially could be very heavy in places, but will become lighter and more patchy overnight.

The forecast for tomorrow is continuing cloudy and cold weather with some further light snow likely at times, and the strong, bitterly cold easterly wind should ease somewhat through the day.

The maximum temperature will be about zero, but will drop to -2 for much of the day. It will however feel between -4 to -8 due to the wind.

Tomorrow the snow is expected to fall throughout the morning until lunchtime, but light snow could continue throughout the day.

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