Maidenhead named a hotspot for buy-to-let property

Maidenhead named a hotspot for buy-to-let property

James Preston

Maidenhead named a hotspot for buy-to-let property

A national newspaper has named Maidenhead as one of the top buy-to-let hotspots in the country as property investors enter the increasingly lucrative market.

Maidenhead has been named second on a Daily Telegraph list of the best places in the UK to invest, placing it above larger towns and cities including Cambridge, Bristol and central Manchester.

The list is based on demand for rental properties, with only the Victoria and Pimlico area of London named as a better option for investors.

With the number of people renting and the cost of doing so on the increase, the buy-to-let market (BTL) has been named by experts as a booming market.

Nearly 30 per cent of people living in the Royal Borough are in either social or privately rented accommodation, according to the 2011 census figures.

Jason Bayliss, manager at the Pike, Smith and Kemp estate agents in Queen Street, said he had seen a rise in people investing in buy-to-lets in recent years, with low interest rates encouraging people to put their money in property rather than banks.

He said: "There's a good pool of professional tenants here.

"The schools are reasonably good as well as the links to London.

"The advent of Crossrail is underpinning the demand here as well. It's a good strategic location."

He added that the rise of buy-to-let will not necessarily have a negative impact on renters if the supply of houses continues to increase with demand.

Have you recently bought property to let? Do you rent? Comment in the box below to let us know your thoughts on the property market in Maidenhead.

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