West Windsor plan gets started with 135-home application

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams


An application for 135 new homes in West Windsor has been submitted to the Royal Borough as part of a wider plan for 450 homes and a special education school.

Now the Borough Local Plan is adopted, the site, known as AL21, has been taken out of the greenbelt.

Eventually, the aim is to build 450 homes, a special educational needs (SEN) school, event space, allotments, orchards, play spaces, a community hub and gardens, and an outdoor gym.

The development will also include pedestrian/cycle crossings off the A308, as well as ‘significant highway improvements’ to existing services and facilities in the area.

The current application is for the northern portion of AL21, north of the A308. It is the first of two applications and will deliver 135 new homes, of which 54 will be classed as affordable.

The application is waiting to be validated by the Royal Borough, after which plans will be available for public scrutiny.

The site will include ‘recreational space around a key veteran oak tree’, allotments, play spaces and landscaped areas.

All properties are to be provided with an electric vehicle charging point and the developers will be establishing an on-site car club to minimise private car ownership.

The second part of the application is expected within the next month and will cover land south of the A308 and north of the Aldi in Dedworth Road.

Across the whole site there will be a total of 180 affordable homes (40 per cent). The masterplan stated the SEN school will accommodate 150 pupils and will be on the south of the site.

Wates Developments launched a series of consultations with locals, the council, and stakeholders last year about its planned development.

Concerns over traffic on the A308 and Dedworth Road were raised – as well as potential issues regarding vehicle access towards the new Aldi supermarket in Dedworth Road.

Richard Endacott, chairman of West Windsor Residents’ Association (WWRA), said: “Our position hasn’t changed in terms of it’s an unsustainable development on land that should be retained as greenbelt. We’re still in the dark as to whether the A308 is capable of coping.

“We’re pleased to hear there’s a challenge to the BLP and our position is that no application should be considered until this has been heard.

“We’ll be opposing any planning application quite forcefully until then.”

Jordan van Laun, associate director for Wates Developments said: “It is a fantastic step to move forward with this submission after 15 years’ worth of the sites assessment and extensive engagement with the local community.

“As a result of this important engagement, there have been significant changes made to ensure the proposals meet the policy aspirations and provide significant benefits for the new and existing residents to enjoy.

“We trust these benefits will deliver attractive family homes to meet the demands of current and future-generations in the Borough.”

This application is separate from the Squires site nearby, where plans for 30 homes were approved on Wednesday.

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