Fines for cycling through Windsor's Peascod Street and Maidenhead High Street

Shay Bottomley

People who cycle through the pedestrianised zone in Windsor’s Peascod Street and Maidenhead High Street will now be fined, the council has announced.

A new legal order means that anyone caught cycling through the areas will face a £100 fixed penalty notice and risk a fine of up to £1,000 in the courts.

The council said that its community wardens had been patrolling the no-cycling zones in Windsor and Maidenhead in order to raise awareness of the new enforcement powers allowing them to punish cyclists who do not dismount.

At a full council meeting in April, councillors approved the creation of two Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) to tackle cycling in the pedestrianised areas as well as to address the issue of dog fouling.

It followed a public consultation in which more than three-quarters of respondents agreed with the council’s proposal to take enforcement action against cycling in the pedestrianised zones in Maidenhead’s High Street and Peascod Street.

Cllr David Cannon, cabinet member for public protection and parking, said: “We are looking to make improvements to support both cycling and walking as forms of active travel, which benefit the environment and personal wellbeing too, and it’s important that all road users follow the rules.

“While most cyclists are responsible, we will use enforcement powers under the PSPO to respond to community concerns and tackle the behaviour of a few who ignore the no cycling signage in these zones, don’t dismount and risk pedestrian safety."

He added that community wardens had been speaking with cyclists to ‘make them aware’ of their new powers prior to the commencement of the fixed penalty notices.

“Over the last week, our community wardens have been speaking with cyclists to make them aware of their new powers and warn that anyone caught ignoring the no cycling rule will get a £100 fixed penalty notice,” said Cllr Cannon.

“While they can’t be everywhere all the time, they will be doing targeted spot checks and undertaking targeted enforcement days, as part of their routine work to support community safety and address anti-social behaviour.”

Cllr Wisdom da Costa (WWRA, Clewer and Dedworth West), welcomed the move and said that a PSPO would encourage ‘errant’ cyclists to follow the rules in pedestrianised zones.

“The message is: don't cycle in pedestrianised areas and consider others; let's work together and help each other especially during these difficult days,” he added.

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  • Momo.T

    15:57, 05 September 2021

    What about using the money to put better cctv up to stop cycle theft,I've had 2bikes nicked in broad daylight in town centre.both were double locked.



  • Pursuer

    12:10, 04 September 2021

    How about riding in other areas where cycling is illegal, e.g. in the wrong direction on the roads, ignoring all traffic rules and also what about dealing with the illegal riding of e-scooters- a practice which is becoming increasingly common and in some case riding well above 4mph- nearer 20 mph when compared to cars



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