Allotment members voted on to parish council

Will Taylor

Vacancies on Twyford Parish Council have been filled by two members of the Twyford Allotment Tenants Association.

Malcolm Bray and Teresa Ramsden were both co-opted by the council at its meeting in Loddon Hall on Tuesday, October 25.

Both had attended parish council meetings before after they and other plot holders became concerned at remarks made by Cllr Merv Boniface, who proposed at a parish Lands Committee meeting in July that the council should consider the idea of developing on part of the Hurst Road allotment and turning it into parking for the station.

Cllrs Bray and Ramsden had attended meetings alongside other residents and after becoming aware of two vacancies, decided to submit their credentials.

They were formally voted on to the council by unanimous vote.

Cllr Bray said: “Recent events in Twyford related to parking issues and the threat to Hurst Road allotments have raised my interest in local government.

“However, I realise that the responsibilities of a councillor extend beyond one’s immediate concerns and I am prepared to apply myself equally to all the business of the parish council. Whilst I have a particular interest in the discussions to sell off some of the Hurst Road allotments I am also interested in other parts of family life. As a family we take advantage of the facilities that are the responsibility of the council, including the allotments and other open spaces.

“I have an interest in how the village develops, both in terms of housing but also other projects.

“As a taxpayer I am of course concerned that the council should deliver value for money.”

They were both voted on to the parish lands committee.

At the meeting, councillors voted for a £8,829 budget for the next family picnic event, though that figure will be offset by any income raised from this year’s event. All councillors voted in favour except Cllr Bray, who abstained, and Cllr Ramsden, who voted against.

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