Stanley Spencer Gallery receives £1,000 grant from Louis Baylis Trust

A retail display showcasing books, postcards and souvenirs has been installed in an art gallery using funds provided by the Louis Baylis Trust.

The Stanley Spencer Gallery, in High Street, used a £1,000 grant from the Advertiser’s owner to purchase the display, which enabled it to offer more ‘take-home’ products to visitors.

Items such as books, postcards and prints were already available, but things like ‘pre-loved’ out-of-print books, fridge magnets and scarves can now be displayed too.

The units were installed in November, just before the gallery’s latest exhibition, Friends and Family, began.

Dr Shez Courtenay-Smith, a trustee of the gallery, said: “We were absolutely delighted when we learnt we had received the grant.

“This was combined with some funds very kindly donated by the Friends of the Stanley Spencer Gallery.

“We receive grants very occasionally for special expend-iture, such as our retail displays or conservation projects.

“We couldn’t manage without such grants and are truly grateful when they are awarded.”

As the gallery is relatively small, the gallery’s staff had to think creatively to design an area where they can sell souvenirs without taking space away from exhibitions.

The new display consists of a ‘bespoke retail shelving unit’ standing beneath the gallery’s staircase, showing off prints of Stanley Spencer’s works.

A ‘rotary card display’ contains portrait and landscape postcards. The gallery itself

is a self-supporting registered charity, relying on entrance fees from visitors to enable it to stay open.

Dr Courtenay-Smith added that visitors have commented ‘favourably’ on the new

display, and the gallery will hope that the extra merchandise on sale will help to boost its revenue.