Residents step up campaign against Bath Road cycleway

James Hockaday

A couple from Bath Road have canvassed more than 100 neighbours in frustration over a proposed cycleway.

Sally Bryant and her husband Owen oppose the route which is part of Bucks County Council's proposed Bath Road Sustainable Travel Scheme, labelling it 'hazardous’.

It will let cyclists travel along a single route from Taplow train station, past the Mill Lane development and Bishop Centre to Slough train station.

The Bryants disagree with putting a path on the north side of Bath Road because it is the more populated side of the road. They say more people will be pulling out in their cars, which will be dangerous for cyclists.

“There will be accidents. There have already been accidents,” said Mrs Bryant, 67.

She attended a public consultation in Burnham Park Hall on October 1 and challenged engineers.

“They say in order to make it safe they’re going to put in toucan crossings which will be red," she said. They must think these markings have magical red paint no one will drive over.”

The couple also fear the council putting asphalt over grass verges and disruption from utilities being moved to make way for the scheme.

The pair delivered letters to 140 houses along their road and spoke to around 80 per cent of households.

Bucks County Council transport cabinet member Mark Shaw said: "It's designed to give better walking and cycling connections to homes, shops and railway stations,

“We’ve had a good response to our consultation, and I’ve received several letters from concerned residents in the area, which I’ll most certainly consider as part of the consultation.”

See the Bucks County Council website for details of the consultation.                           

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