Taplow parish considers new ways of slowing down drivers

Emma Billingham

A new scheme to tackle speeding in the village may see the parish council recruit community speed watchers.

Berry Hill has been identified as a particular problem area for speeding cars within Taplow, together with Cliveden Road and Marsh Lane.

Taplow Parish Council has been researching how to promote safer driving on the roads.

Speed cameras have been ruled out as being too expensive to install and maintain.

Thames Valley Police has told the parish council it does not have the manpower to prioritise patrolling the area for speeding on a regular basis.

The community speedwatch scheme was suggested to the council as an alternative.

This would see small groups of volunteers use speed guns to report number plates of cars that are found over the speed limit to the police to follow up.

Training would be provided.

The scheme will be discussed by councillors at the next full meeting of council on Tuesday, September 27 at 7pm at the Village Hall in Rectory Road to decide how to proceed.

Email taplow.pc@googlemail.com to volunteer and to find out more.

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