Concerns over teenagers jumping into rivers from bridges

Emma Billingham


A mother has voiced her concerns over groups of teenagers jumping into the Thames and Jubilee River.

Fears of serious injury or death have led the mother of a 13-year-old boy, who wishes to remain anonymous, to put out a warning to other parents and teenagers about the dangers of the activity.

During the school holidays she said she has become aware of teenagers jumping off a bridge in Jubilee Meadows, Taplow and posting videos on social media.

“Some parents are dropping them off there,” she said, “so I don’t know if they are aware of what they are doing. They are all diving and somersaulting off the bridge, and then they are swimming where there is quite a strong current, it could be awful.

“I have banned my son from going there. As a mother it is not what I want my son to be doing, it is an accident waiting to happen.”

The Environment Agency recommends against bridge jumping and swimming in rivers unless part of an organised event.

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