Three generations of the same family row along the Thames

James Hockaday

A proud grandmother was made a 'very happy lady' after watching three generations of her family set off from Maidenhead Rowing Club to row together for the first time.

Lifelong rowing enthusiast Dawn Smith, 77, from River Road, is pleased a love of rowing runs in her family and wanted to see the Smiths honour the tradition together.

So she got everyone together on Sunday to embark on a 2km row from the rowing club to Bray Lock and back.

"You don't ask a lot of your family but I thought I would get them together, the weather's nice so I thought let's do it," she said.

"If you love something you don't want to brow beat people but they all enjoy rowing."

Starting off was Dawn's husband Brian, 78, her children Russell, 54, Adrian, 50 and Lesley, 52 and her grandchildren Phoebe, 20, Dominic, 18 and Esme, 15.

At Bray Lock the crew switched and let Dawn's other grandchildren Jasper, 18, and Imogen, 16, climb aboard.

Dawn, who trained herself to row in Caversham, trailed behind in a motorboat with other family members and was delighted to see her grandchildren Jasper and Imogen who had not rowed much before demonstrating perfect technique.

"It certainly brought a tear to my eye, it was an absolutely wonderful sight to see," she said.

"I'm so proud and I've had a wonderful time, I've been made a very happy lady."

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