Joy Morrissey MP hits back after receiving backlash for Queen portrait campaign

MP Joy Morrissey is campaigning to provide free portraits of the Queen to people who want one.

Teaming up with her patron organisation, the British Monarchists Society for the national campaign, Mrs Morrissey is asking for a portrait of the Queen to be made available for citizens to download for free, should they choose and print in any way they want.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Mrs Morrissey explained that the move followed the news of a college at Oxford University voting to remove the portrait of the Queen in their common room.

The Beaconsfield and Burnham MP who said that the idea is based on already established models in Canada and Australia where citizens can download high quality images of the monarchy for free, said she feels this would be a ‘nice way’ to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

She added: “It doesn't cost the taxpayer anything and I just thought that's a nice thing for the Platinum Jubilee.

“[People] don't have to search around or pay extra for it, they can just download a very high quality image of the Queen and print it however they'd like.”

Following the unveiling of her campaign on her Twitter page last week, Mrs Morrissey was met with backlash about the venture from some users on the platform.

While some users were not keen on the idea and questioned why the venture was a priority over other issues such as the pandemic, others assumed that Mrs Morrissey was calling for a mandatory portrait to be hung in every home – which she explains is not the case.

She said: “I think it just kind of proved the point of why I wanted to sort of celebrate the queen in the first place, because I just feel like there's so many people that are so negative.

“You don't have to like the monarchy, it's just respecting her 70 years of public service.

“She is someone who no matter what your background is, you can respect her as a public servant as someone who's devoted her life to serving, you know, the UK and the Commonwealth.”

Mrs Morrissey who added that ‘a lot’ of people within her constituency thought this was a great idea, explained that the campaign is still in its early stages.

Both Mrs Morrissey and Andrew Rossindell MP, who was originally working on doing this campaign, have also sent a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson about this venture.

“I think it's important to celebrate the people that have really contributed to our country and to be proud of their contribution to British life and to our cultural heritage, Mrs Morrissey added.

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