Voters head to polls for first Bucks Council elections

Voters in Buckinghamshire will be deciding who will stand in the new unitary council at the first election for the Buckinghamshire Council on Thursday, May 6.

The new Buckinghamshire Council is broken up into a series of wards covering the unitary area.

Each ward is also part of a wider 'local area', of which there are three in the entire county: Chiltern and South Bucks; Wycombe, and Aylesbury Vale.

Last year's election, scheduled for May 2020, was cancelled due to the pandemic which makes next week's vote a key one, with it being the first chance that Bucks residents have had to vote in their councillors.

A total of three councillors with the highest number of votes will be elected to each ward, and all ballot papers will be verified on Friday, May 7.

The count and announcement of results will take place at various counting sites on Saturday, May 8, at about 11.30am.

Bucks voters will also be able to vote for town and parish councillors in their area when they head to the polls, as well as the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Conservatives will be looking to keep control of the council and increase their majority in May. They are up against councillors representing Labour, the Liberal Democrats, The Green Party, Reform UK, the Freedom Alliance party, and several independents.

The Tories in Bucks say that they will keep council tax lower than their rivals, fix potholes quickly and want to put emphasis on recycling and bin collections.

Labour says that its candidates will ‘scrutinise, oppose and insist that the green agenda is at the forefront’ of the council’s priorities.

The Green Party has promised to conserve green spaces, campaign for clean air and ‘stop cuts to social services’.

The Lib Dems want to address the climate emergency and environmental issues, and focus on shortcomings with Bucks’ roads and pavements.

Reform UK says that its whip-free councillors should be given ‘greater power’ but ‘more accountability’ and wants more to be done with council taxpayers’ cash, such as fixing potholes.

Freedom Alliance says its candidates will ‘champion freedom, human rights and medical freedoms’, and oppose lockdowns and vaccine passports.

While the independents in Bucks – some of whom are part of the Keep Bourne End Green campaign group, which opposes development on the greenbelt – want to fight against unsustainable housing and address parking and traffic issues.

A round-up of the councillors standing in the various Buckinghamshire Council wards that the Advertiser and Express cover, are summarised below:

Cliveden ward

Kirsten Ashman (Conservative)

George Sandy (Con)

Paul Kelly (Con)

Ciaran Ferguson (Labour)

Chris Tucker (Lab)

Zoe Hatch (Green Party)

Farnham Common and Burnham Beeches ward

David Anthony (Con)

Dev Dhillon (Con)

Nick Naylor (Con)

David Banks (Liberal Democrat)

Davina Kirby (Lib Dem)

Carol Linton (Lib Dem)

Alexa Collins (Lab)

Andrew Ford (Lab)

Delphine Gray-Fisk (Reform UK)

Flackwell Heath, Little Marlow and Marlow South East ward

David Johncock (Con)

Jocelyn Towns (Con)

David Watson (Con)

Anthony McGarel-Groves (Lib Dem)

Chris Tolmie (Lib Dem)

Katherine Murphy (Lab)

Trevor Southern (Lab)

Joanne Fielding (Green)

Jamie Kingston (Green)

Angela Stone (Reform UK)

Kate Mills (Freedom Alliance. No Lockdowns. No Curfews)

Julie Pleass (Freedom Alliance. No Lockdowns. No Curfews)

Iver ward

Malcolm Bradford (Con)

Wendy Matthews (Con)

Luisa Sullivan (Con)

Azhar Chohan (Lab)

Alison Watt (Lab)

Leigh Tugwood (Green)

Paul Griffin (Ind)

Marlow ward

Alex Collingwood (Con)

Carol Heap (Con)

Neil Marshall (Con)

Anthony Burden (Lib Dem)

Anna Crabtree (Lib Dem)

Fionnuala Woods (Lab)

Keith Wishart (Lab)

Aidan Carlisle (Green)

Mark Hartley (Green)

Lizzie Owen (Green)

Bettina Harries (Reform UK)

Mark Skoyles (Ind)

Sarah Weavers (Freedom Alliance. No Lockdowns. No Curfews)

Stoke Poges and Wexham ward

Ralph Bagge (Con)

Trevor Egleton (Con)

Thomas Hogg (Con)

Denise Herschel (Lib Dem)

Christopher Woolley (Lib Dem)

David Norris (Lab)

Lindsey Poole (Lab)

Michael McCarthy (Green)

Semma Flower (no party details)

The Wooburns, Bourne End and Hedsor ward

Julia Adey (Con)

Julia Langley (Con)

Graham Peart (Con)

Shona Collins-Staig (Lab)

Harinder Tiwana (Lab)

Penny Drayton (Ind)

Sophie Kayani (Ind)

Stuart Wilson (Ind)

Amanda Valentine (Green)

Louise Harris (Green)

Jacs Parker (Freedom Alliance. No Lockdowns. No Curfews)

Andrew Cobden (no party details)

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