Pollution in Slough some of the worst in the UK new study suggests

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams


A new study suggested that Slough has the highest proportion of polluted homes in the UK.

The study found that 90 per cent of addresses in Slough were exceeding World Health Organisation (WHO) limits for at least one of three key air pollutants.

The Central Office of Public Interest (Copi) and Imperial College London made pollution estimates for every 20 metres across the country, using computer modelling.

The data showed that Slough households were the most polluted, ahead of London in second place.

Slough council said this figure is based on a tightening of air quality guidelines by the WHO in September 2021. However these levels are ‘not legally binding.’

A spokesman added that air pollutant concentrations across Slough have still shown a gradual decrease.

Slough had been monitoring Grampian Way, Spackmans Way, Chalvey, Tweed Road, Paxton Avenue, Torridge Road and Winvale as air quality management areas – places where air quality is a concern.

These are areas where national limits for air pollutants are being exceeded.

Slough council has been monitoring the average concentration of nitrogen dioxide (the pollution from emissions, from vehicles and power plants, etc.) in these areas.

Since 2016, these levels have dropped year-on-year from around 35-40 micrograms to 20-25 micrograms in 2020.

Slough council acknowledged that that 2020 air pollution was ‘very low’ due to COVID-19. In 2019, levels were at about 30-35 micrograms of nitrogen dioxide.

The council added that its low emission strategy was updated in December 2020 and key projects include public electric vehicle charging, cycling/ scooter and electric bus infrastructure.

A new Air Quality Action Plan is due to be developed this year, which will introduce additional measures, such as improving education and awareness of air pollution.

To check the levels of pollution at your address for free, visit addresspollution.org

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