Marlow band helps promote world's first space elevator

James Harrison

A company hoping to build the world’s first ever space elevator is hoping that the power of rock will be enough to give the idea lift-off.

Marlow-based guitarist David Young’s band, also called Space Elevator, returned from North America last month after helping space firm Thoth promote the idea.

He formed the group in 2013 with a friend and lead-singer known only as the Duchess, with songs quickly following, along with an album recorded in just 22 days.

But it was a radio piece about a company, Thoth, which in 2015 had secured the first patent for an actual space elevator, that saw the fledgling band travel to the frozen wastes of Canada and shoot a music video on one of the largest satellite dishes in the world.

On a whim, Young decided to contact the North American tech firm to express his admiration for the idea which, if realised, would see rockets land, re-fuel, load and launch from a platform at the top of a 12-mile tall tower.

“I sent them an email to say I had just heard them on the radio talking about it [the space elevator] and that I also had a band called Space Elevator and also sent them some of our music,” he said.

“They came straight back to me, saying how much they loved our songs and, as they were in the process of doing an animation about how it would work, they would love us to be part of it.

“And so we ended up having a meeting with the company’s CEO Caroline Roberts and Brendan Quine, the chief technical officer, in the Two Brewers in Marlow.”

Last month saw them return from shooting a video on top of Thoth’s satellite dish at the Algonquin Radio Observatory, in Ontario.

“It’s been absolutely amazing,” he said, looking back on the experience so far.

“I wouldn’t go quite so far as to call it life changing, but it’s effectively become a full-time job in itself – it has become all-consuming.

“We just started out writing a few tunes with no specific genre in mind and then to end up where we are now and playing in Canada is just amazing.”

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