Plans for housing have been submitted to the parish council. In a letter debated at a council meeting, it was suggested that land on the eastern edge of the villages could be used for housing.

Parish councillors knock back housing proposal for Sappers Field

James Harrison

Following the unveiling of plans that could see acres of green space sacrificed to make way for hundreds of homes in Wooburn and Bourne End, further proposals for more of the same have been knocked back.

In a letter sent to Wooburn and Bourne End Parish Council and discussed at the last full council meeting on Tuesday, June 28, farmer and businessman Geoffrey Copas attempted

to persuade the councillors to develop land on the eastern edge of the village.

In what he referred to as a ‘win-win situation for everybody’, he suggested Sappers Field, off Kiln Lane, which falls outside the greenbelt, could be ‘used for housing, creating a substantial capital sum for the community’.

He then suggested the money raised from this could then be used to buy land opposite the Chequers pub, also in Kiln Lane, which is in the greenbelt and could thus be protected from development.

At no point in his letter did Mr Copas suggest the land be sold to him.

But the proposal received short shrift from the parish council.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Sue Wagner, chairman of the parish council, said there had been little appetite among her fellow councilors for the scheme.

And she added that even if there had been, it would not have been in the power of the parish council to grant it as the land is still owned by Wycombe District Council, although it is in the process of being transferred.

The meeting came on the back of outrage over the latest draft of the Wycombe Local Plan, which is proposing up to 750 homes being built in the villages.

The document prompted opponents to form a Facebook group and a petition to try and make the district council revise the scheme has now collected about 800 signatures.

Penny Drayton, of Hawks Hill, who started the petition and the Facebook group, said: “We’re hoping that the petition will make them review and rethink the proposals and hold off anything going forward and stop the downgrading of the greenbelt.

“We’re asking for other solutions to be put forward or other brownfield sites brought through, which we don’t feel have been adequately used.

“We just want to use the petition to show how the community feels about it.”

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