Nicholas Winton Garden visitors reassured on ambiguous 'no dogs' signs

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams

The council has reassured residents after signs in Sir Nicholas Winton Garden in Oaken Grove Park appeared to suggest that dogs would no longer be welcome there.

On social media, dog-walkers were unhappy to see new signs that appeared to prohibit dogs from the garden.

However, the council clarified that the signs are not intended to indicate this - but rather are a warning to keep dogs out of the pond.

A council spokesperson said:

“There is signage around the pond at the Sir Nicholas Winton Memorial Garden. These do not prevent dogs from entering the actual garden but are intended to deter them from entering the pond.

“This is to prevent disruption to the wildlife within it and allow planting in and around the edges of the pond to flourish. We will arrange for the signs to be moved closer to the water to make this clearer to residents.”

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