MP Theresa May pays tribute to the Queen in Parliament

Shay Bottomley

MP Theresa May paid tribute to the Queen in Parliament ahead of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Mrs May said it was a ‘privilege’ to pay tribute to Her Majesty, adding that ‘70 years on the throne is a remarkable achievement’.

“She has served with dignity and grace through not only would have been some very remarkable changing times but through some difficult years for her family,” said Mrs May.

“Her commitment to service has been remarkable and it should be an example and an inspiration to us all.”

The former Prime Minister referenced her own tenure in No.10, adding that she was the 13th Prime Minister of the Queen’s reign.

Mrs May also told behind-the-scenes stories of their encounters.

“When the Queen is out and about on her official duties and people meet her, their joy and delight in seeing the Queen is obvious,” said the Maidenhead MP.

“That goes beyond our shores, as we have seen from her overseas visits, and I saw a little example of that when we hosted the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting here in 2018.

“The Queen allowed us, very kindly, to meet at Windsor Castle.

“There was a reception before the lunch and I was told that the Queen would turn up to it, but nobody else knew.

“The minute that she walked into the room, heads turned. There was a palpable sense of delight throughout the entire room and people started to queue up to make sure that they had the opportunity to speak to Her Majesty.

“We should particularly thank Her Majesty for all that she has done for the Commonwealth and for her great love of the Commonwealth.

“The strength and growth of that network of nations has been made all the more possible by the fact that she has been at its head.”

Mrs May finished her speech by praising the Queen’s dedication and ‘commitment to her country’.

She said: “For 70 years, she has dedicated her life to service of her country and her people, and for that, from the bottom of our hearts, we say simply: Ma’am, thank you, and God save the Queen.”

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