Maidenhead town manager praises increased town centre footfall

Increased levels of footfall in Maidenhead town centre last month were praised by the town manager at a meeting of Maidenhead Town Forum.

Speaking at the meeting on Thursday, May 12, Robyn Bunyan gave an update on the figures for the town centre, including footfall in April this year.

Robyn’s report stated that, in April, the total number of visitors to Maidenhead stood at 481,660.

It also revealed that Saturday, April 30 was the busiest day with 25,697 visitors.

Comparing footfall from before the pandemic in 2019 to 2022, Robyn explained that footfall has increased – going from about 11 percent down to now 4.9 percent down.

“A lot of figures for footfall are coming back to pre-pandemic levels,” Robyn added.

She said that the weekends are ‘really kicking off’.

Robyn explained that, in comparison to Maidenhead being 4.9 per cent down on footfall from 2019, figures for the Southeast stand at 16.2 per cent down and the High Street Index is 21.4 per cent down.

“So, Maidenhead is doing something right,” she said.

She added that there is ‘a lot to look forward to’ in the town this summer including the return of annual events such as Maidenhead Festival and the upcoming Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Some of the Jubilee events in Maidenhead include an outdoor acoustic music festival and Norden Farm’s Lovely Jub(i)lee event, featuring live music.

In response to a question from Cllr Clive Baskerville (Lib Dem, Pinkneys Green), Robyn explained that the bunting that is currently up across the borough was funded by the European Development Fund.

She added that the fund came to an end on Thursday, March 31, and this is why the bunting was put a bit up early, because they wanted to ensure that it could be paid for through the fund as there is ‘no budget for bunting within the borough’.

Robyn added that extra decorations will also be put up in Maidenhead, including flags and ‘a couple of crowns’ that will be coming to the high street.

“It’s going to look great,” she said.

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