Royal Borough councillors told of 'massive' problem with thefts from motor vehicles

Thefts from motor vehicles are a ‘massive’ problem in the borough, councillors were told last week.

Updating members on the latest crime statistics for Maidenhead for the last 31 days, Jeff Pick of Thames Valley Police explained that thefts were occurring ‘all over the borough’, with a total of 21 offences recorded in the time period.

He said opportunist thieves were swiping everything from sunglasses to first aid kits when they got into cars.

The figures show that the majority of the vehicles were entered by ‘unknown means’.

Mr Pick said: “This is a massive problem for us. You can see they are all over the borough.

“Look at the ones that were entered by unknown means – each of the owners were sure that they had locked their cars, they were sure.”

Mr Pick suggested it was becoming easier for thieves to spot insecure cars as the wing mirrors fold in on newer cars when they are locked.

“[It’s] just people walking along roads trying car door handles,” he said.

He added that this is happening ‘right the way across the borough’, including places like Courtlands and Chiltern Road.

“They’re just walking down the roads, opening the cars. It’s usually loose change and sunglasses going but it is a massive problem,” Mr Pick added.

Figures on the theft of motor vehicles show that 14 offences have been recorded in the last 31 days.

Mr Pick said: “The keyless black Land Rovers are going.”

He added that people ‘don’t appear to be keeping their car keys in Faraday pouches’ – bags which block key signals to help deter high-tech thieves.

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